Engaged in providing consulting services expertise, especially in the field of environmental engineering, management and policy. Established in Bandung in 1988 with the foundation to accommodate the service professions and participate in the development process of the nation of Indonesia.

Product & KARTIKA Folio

Ministry of Public Work

1. The Formulation of Field Performance Indicators Settlements
2. The Formulation of An Evaluation Pattern of Development Achievements
3. The Formulation of The Strategy For Public Works
4. The Formulation of Performance Evaluation Information System
5. The Design of Solid Waste And Environment
6. The Study of Spatial System
7. The Study of Drinking Water
8. Innovation Management Development

Ministry of Public Housting

1. The Formulation of The Medium-Term Development Plan in the Housing Sector
2. The Formulation of Organizational Strategy
3. The Analysis of The Housing Sector
4. The Design of Environmental Housing

Ministry of Home Affair

1. The Formulation of The Innovation System For Urban Management
2. The Formulation of Waste Management

Ministry of Trade

1. The Formulation Domestic Trade Program Evaluation
2. The Evaluation of Traditional Markets Development Implementation
3. The Trading Program Evaluation

Ministry of Environtment

1. The Formulating Guidelines For Infrastructure Integration of Housing and Settlement Region
2. Formulation of Action Implementation Study and Research Organic Landfill
3. Formulation Sop And Dissemination Pilot Waste Sorting At The Landfill

Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

Formulating Guidelines Bali Clean Ahead Of APEC 2013

Provincial Government, District / City

1. Planning the Field of Housing, Waste Management, Transport, Investment and Capital Investment, Local Assets, Electrical Energy, Financial and Economic Area, Locally-Owned Enterprises and Others.
2. Formulation of Policy Analysis, Evaluation And Training Of Various Aspects of Regional Development

Private Sector

1. Preparation of Business Plans, Industrial Engineering, Environmental Impact Assessment, Human Resources and Etc. Products Include: Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry.
2. Tourism
3. Energy
4. Building Materials, Etc