Company in the field of agriculture and processing of agricultural products with technological innovation to improve value-added products. Arthanimas was initiated to support the Independent Village program (Food, Economy, Energy) which will be developed in the Village Cikujang Subang, West Java.

Product & THANIA Folio

Production and Sales of Compost Vermiks

Vermiks compost made from organic waste mixed with dirt and worms. Worms breeding process is carried out in a sustainable manner in PT Arthanimas to maintain the quality of the fertilizer.

Supports for Independent Village Program

Currently PT. Arthanimas developing Serai Wangi (Cymbopogon Nardus) become Atsiri Oil (Citronella Oil) to support the Independent Village program (Food, Economy, Energy).

Production of Atsiri Oil

Currently at Cikujang Village are doing production of Atsiri Oil (Citronella Oil).